"We Represent Christ Wherever We May Be." / "Representamos a Cristo Donde Quiera Que Vayamos".



6/2/2019 Podcast of Ms. Peggy Ruppel “Endings and Beginnings”

5/26/ Podcast fo The Rev. Javier G. Ocampos Sunday May 26 2009

5/19/2019 Podcast of The Rev. Nan Hildebrand 

5/12 2019 Podcast of the Rev. Ken Howard 

5/5/2019 Podcast of Ms. Barbara Mansfield  BREAKFAST AT SEASIDE WITH JESUS 

Podcast of The Rev. Javier G. Ocampo: Sunday April 7, 2019

Podcast of The Rev. Nan Hildebrand: The Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday April 14 2019

Podcast of The Rev. Diacono Eugene Wright: Maundy Thursday April 18, 2019

Podcast of The Rev. Javier G. Ocampo: Good Friday April 19, 2019

Podcas of The Rev. Javier G. Ocampo The Sunday of the Resurrection: Easter Day April 21, 2019

3/24/2019 Podcast of  Peggy Ruppel ” Holy Ground “

3/17/2019 Podcast of The Rev.Ken Howard “The Calling of Abraham or Why I No Longer Call Myself a Christian”

3/10/2019 Podcast of The Rev. Javier Garcia “The Word is near you, on your lips and on your heart”

3/6/2019 Podcast of The Rev. Nan Hildebrand ” Ash Wednesday “

3/3/2019 Podcast of The Rev. Javier Garcia “While he was praying the appearance of his face changed”

2/24/20196 Pdcast of The Rev. Javier Garcia ” Forgiveness is the Key”

2/17/2019 Podcast of Rev.Eugene N. Wright Deacon ” The Beatitudes of Luke”

2/10/2019 Podcast of Peggy Sermon.

2/3/2019 Podcast of Teh Rev. Nan “The Good News and the Tough Medicine”

1/27/2019 Podcast of The Rev. Javier Garcia “Jesus Changes the World, How Are You Changing It?”

1/20/2019 Podcast of The Rev, Ken Sermon ” The Wedding at Cana and the Dog That Didn’t Bark”

1/13/2019- Podcast of Javier Sermon: ” Baptismal Covenant” 

1/06/2019- Podcast of Javier sermon: ” God Manifests in our Lives also”

12/30/18- Podcast of Javier’s sermon: ” We are a sacrament of God”

12/25/18-The Rev. Javier Garcia, sermon: “In the beginning, was a Word and_the Word was with God”.

12/24/18-Podcast of The Rev. Nancy sermon:  “Sing to the Lord a new song”.

11/25/18 – Podcast of Katie’s Sunday November 25 Sermon: “He is Not Safe But He Is Good”

11/18/18 – Podcast of Peggy’s Sermon on Sunday, November 18: “The Anti-Apocalypse”

11/11/18 –Podcast of Nan’s Sermon on Sunday, November 11: “Love your Neighbor”

11/04/18 – Podcast of Eugene’s Sermon On Sunday, November 4: “The 3 Loves of a Christian”

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