Ascension Church By-Laws

Summary of changes proposed for the Ascension Bylaws

Article II. Qualified Voters

  • Section 3. Voter Confirmation. Responsibility for maintaining a list of qualified voters has moved from the Clerk of the Parish to the Registrar.

Article III. Annual and Special Meetings of the Entire Parish

  • Section 1. Annual Meeting. If the Vestry fails to name a date for the Annual Meeting, it will be held the Sunday immediately before the annual Washington Diocesan Convention.
  • Section 2. Special Meetings. The number of qualified voters needed to call a Special Meeting will decrease from 50 to 25.

Article IV. Vestry

  • Section 2. Nominating Committee. The Committee will be made up of two Vestry members and three non-Vestry members, all appointed by the Rector. 
  • Section 3. Election of Vestry. Vestry members will be elected by either Acclamation or a Vote by Ballot.
  • Section 7. Vestry Oath. We’re proposing new language for the Vestry Oath

Article V.  Officers of the Parish

  • Section 1. Senior and Junior Warden. The offices of Senior and Junior Warden will be filled at the start of the Nominating period from those in their second or third year on the Vestry. The Rector will choose the Senior Warden, and the Vestry members will elect the Junior Warden.
  • Section 3. Registrar. The Registrar, formerly the Clerk of the Parish, is responsible for maintaining the list of qualified voters.
  • Section 4. Secretary of the Vestry. The Secretary of the Vestry is responsible for taking minutes at Vestry meetings.
  • Section 5. Delegates. The Delegates’ term will increase from two (2) years to three (3) years.

Article VII. Fiscal Year, Depositories and Signatories (**New Article)

This article was added to reflect many of Ascension’s current practices. It aligns the fiscal year with the calendar year (Jan 1 to Dec 31), requires the Stewardship committee to prepare and present a yearly budget, and requires all Parish funds to be deposited in a bank and drawn upon according to approved procedures. Contracts, deeds and other instruments must be signed by officers and agents approved by the Vestry, and all non-budgetary expenses over $1,000 need Vestry approval.  Lastly, the Parish is required to conduct an annual audit in accordance with the Diocese of Washington.

FINAL —  Proposed new Church of the Ascension Bylaws for Oct. 27 vote