"We Represent Christ Wherever We May Be." / "Representamos a Cristo Donde Quiera Que Vayamos".



12/01/2019 Podcast of The Rev. Javier G. Ocampo

11/10/ 2019 Podcast of Ms. Peg Ruppel

11/3/2019 Podcast of Mr. David Kasievich

9/15/2019 Podcast of The Rev. Javier G, Ocampo 

9/14/2019 Podcast of The Rev. Javier G. Ocampo Marsha Funeral 

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A Religious Dialogue on the Meaning of the Transfiguration

I have just returned from the World Council of Churches or the WCC. Let me briefly introduce what the organization is and what I did there. It is an ecumenical organization, which means it is made up of several different Read the full article...

God Works for those who wait for Him

Lord, we thank you for the gift of your Word and as we think on these things, open our hearts and our minds to hear you. Amen As I mentioned in my very first sermon, I attended a Catholic Convent Read the full article...

Humility the Hard Way: Matthew 23:1-12

When I was working in Mexico in my church, I went to another state, called Hidalgo State, as a part of a project that we called “Summer Mission”. We went to the elementary school every day for a couple of Read the full article...

Easter 6, year A

I was born into a Christian family – my mother was an Anglican from Canada, and my father was a Roman Catholic, so I was baptized as an infant in a Roman Catholic Church, but raised as an Episcopalian by
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