Receiving Communion is the heart of our weekly Eucharistic Celebration, and many parishioners have told me that they miss partaking of the sanctified elements of bread and wine.

Covid-19 has changed so much that we have taken for granted in our cozy, predictable world–including the singing, touching, and tight knit little groups at coffee hour. But with help from the wonderful staff and committees at Ascension, I think we have been able to recreate much of the same feeling and ability to keep in touch as a community through the magic of Zoom, emails, and internet technology.

Still, many of you felt that something was missing. You expressed a strong need to take communion in a formal, sanctified form. I understand this, and after talking it over with the Vestry, the Reopening Committee, and the Worship Committee I believe we have found a solution. We will have preordered communion kits available. Are you interested in receiving such a kit? If so, decide how many kits your household will require for the next two Sundays. PLEASE NOTE: You will receive a bag of the packed communion kits that you have requested on the signup form. Additional kits will not be available.
Father Javier will be delighted to give you these kits on Sunday, October 18th during the drive-through blessings from 1:30 pm to 2:30pm front of Ascension House. 
 To order your kits, please sign up before 5 p.m. Thursday, October 15st