"We are ambassadors who represent Christ." – 2 Corinthians 5:20



The Rev. Javier Garcia Ocampo, Priest in Charge

ocampoj@ascensionmd.org | 301.948.0122 ext. 16

Rev. Javier Ocampo

Rev. Javier Ocampo

Javier Garcia Ocampo is from Mexico City. He began his ministry at Ascension in the Summer of 2014 after serving in the Diocese of Mexico City as a Vicar of the Church of La Santa Cruz for ten years. He grew up in a little town in Morelos State, Mexico, called Jojutla and moved to Mexico City to study at the Saint Andrew’s Anglican Seminary and the Theological Community of Mexico where he received a degree in Divinity.

As a cradle Episcopalian, Javier has been working for the Church in Mexico for many years. When he was at the Seminary, with a group of seminarians they planted a new church called “Cristo Rey”. He started his ministry working with the youth group and children. He was part of the OPAJUV (Young Adult Diocesan Committee). He was working also in Cursillo and Happening.

He was ordained as a Deacon in September of 2001 and as a Priest in October of 2002.

He is fascinated by languages, having studied English and Sign Language (in Spanish) and studying different cultures. For fun he enjoys bike riding, physical fitness, reading books, travel, going to the movies and listening to music.


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