Tai Chi Classes

Ascension Choir

Christmas message from our priest in charge

One Ascension Sunday July 29 2018

Faith in the Word – Ash Wednesday

Faith in the Word – Jesus Is Presented in the Temple

Faith in the Word – Jesus and John the Baptist

Video of Randy’s Sermon on Sunday, October 15:
“The (A) Plan”

Video of Randy’s Sermon on Sunday, September 3:
“God Does Not Exist (God Is)”

Randy’s August 27 Sermon – “Once and Future Prophets”

Randy’s August 6 Sermon – “The Spiritual All Stars and, How They Roll”

Randy’s July 30 Sermon – “When it Seems Like God Isn’t Doing Anything”

Randy’s July 9 Sermon: “Rat Park”

Laura Shay’s June 25 Sermon: “A Sword Not Peace”

Randy’s June 18 Sermon: “I Can’t Do It Alone” – Jesus

Javier’s May 21 Sermon: God’s Love Vs Commandments

Randy’s May 7 Sermon: Articulate Spaces

Alfred Wasikye’s One Ascension Sunday Sermon

Jason Cutshall’s Last Sermon: “Being Sent”

Randy’s Easter Day Sermon: “Resurrection as Liberation”

Randy’s April 9 Sermon: “Born to Lose”